Unprecedented action in children’s football in Rosario: Heading to children under 11 will be banned

Boys and girls under the age of 11 will not be in charge of their business from next year

The Rosario Football Association has approved an unprecedented regulatory change in children’s football: it will ban minors under the age of 11 from heading the ball. In an effort to avoid neurological injuries in the future, the directors have decreed the measure that will be effective from 2023. In this way, boys and girls who head the ball will be punished with an indirect free kick.

It’s a design unprecedented in South America, but not internationally: since 2020, the FA has taken the measure for boys and girls aged 6-11, with replicas all over the place. United kingdom. The FA determined that players were four times more likely to develop dementia in old age after analyzing 8,000 players born between 1900 and 1976. Several years ago, in United State This methodology has already been recommended for children under the age of ten.

According to various studies, microtrauma to the skull from hitting the head can lead to neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, senile dementia, concussion and other cognitive disorders. Additionally, this paradigm shift will enhance the intent of the streaming game and thus improve the sport’s technical and aesthetic issues.

Historic and unprecedented change in football Rosario
Historic and unprecedented change in football Rosario

The goals that the Rosarina Association will pursue through this action:

the first) Preventing avoidable sports-related injuries and concussions for athletes under the age of 11, as a result of the ball’s effect on the growth of skull tissue.

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Second) Reducing potential medium- and long-term damage to the cognitive and neurological development of athletes due to cumulative effects of the head.

Third) Establish a working protocol for the correct assessment and diagnosis of concussions and brain injuries.

fourth) Plan step-by-step instructions for safe head techniques for young players.

Fifth) Instruct and raise awareness among all relevant representatives: athletes, coaches, referees and parents about the risks associated with the head.

VI) Act as a reference to promote new regulations and legislation that enhance awareness and allow for long-term changes to be achieved.

Rosario will be a pioneer city and others can follow
Rosario will be a pioneer city and others can follow

Official decision:

the first) Ban the work called “The Title” in the field of official football competitions for children organized by the AFC for athletes under the age of 11 years.

Second) Modification of the existing rules of the game that organize football competitions for children for those ages, adapting them to the new method.

Third) Training of referees through the Referee Training School who are responsible for directing the official meetings of the various children’s competitions.

fourth) Organizing awareness days in the various affiliated clubs for athletes, coordinators, coaches, managers and parents to disseminate the foundations of this decision in an appropriate manner.

Fifth) Send a copy of this draft to the officials responsible for sports management at the municipal, provincial and national levels, as well as to the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the Federal Football Council.

VI) Orders the effective implementation of this decision from its approval by the AFC Executive Body, which shall not extend beyond the start of the 2023 season.

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