There are 54 bodies in the Institute of Forensic Sciences awaiting collection by burial houses | agencies

Maria Conti Miller, executive director of the Institute of Forensic Science (ICF), asked funeral agents Friday to search about 54 cases that were ready for delivery but were not claimed.

According to the coroner, the procedure had already been completed with an approved family member in each case, so agency approval for the delivery was obtained.

“We have made great efforts and implemented initiatives to provide fast service to families and funeral homes. We have always had excellent communications with the organizations that collect funeral agents and I am confident that they will help us keep the refrigerators occupied at an optimum level to better serve them,” the guidance emphasized in written statements.

According to Conti Miller, cadavers that arrive at the ICF are autopsied within 24 to 72 hours of arrival.

He stressed, “We receive daily calls from relatives requesting the delivery status for cases that have already been completed and the funeral home has not come to look for them.”

He denounced the directive as unjustified waiting for these cases.

And he warned that “keeping the bodies in the institute after the cases are completed limits the space available to receive new cases.”

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