Universum begins celebrations for 30 years with a new exhibition

As part of the memorial Three decades of existence of UniversumUNAM Science Museum – celebrated on December 12 – opened Natural Histories: 400 Years of Scientific Illustration.temporary exhibition in In association with the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

This exhibition, which runs until October 23, explores the role of illustration in scientific discovery 50 large size copies Which is part of the Library Rare Books collection of the aforementioned US campus, inspired by the book Natural History: An Exceptional Rare Book Anthology from the Library of the American Museum of Natural History, published in 2012 and edited by Tom BayonneLibrary manager.

This gallery presents images created to disseminate knowledge and to accompany important scientific work in disciplines ranging from astronomy to zoology, including illustrations created by famous artists such as Maria Sibylla Merian, Louis Renard, John Gould, and John Woodhouse Audubon.

As part of this exhibition – located in Building “A”, ground floor, of the Universum – various activities will be offered, some for a fee and some for free, such as workshops, demonstrations and guided tours.

The illustrations are part of the illustrations inside the rare books in the Library of the New York Museum.

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also Face-to-face teleconferencing on topics Such as: scientific illustration, eminent naturalists, preservation of ancient books, importance of scientific collections, among other activities that will be announced through social networks and the Universum website, whose memorial activities will continue throughout the year.

This exhibition presents 400 years of that datebegins around 1515 with Dürer’s famous unicorn engraving, and since then it will be possible to view the works of a long list of eminent scientific painters, until the arrival of Ernst Hegel, an advocate of evolution, who was convinced that with the help of a microscope he masterfully painted the peculiar variety of siphonophores at the end of the century nineteenth”, noted the Director General of Science Publishing (DGDC) at UNAM, Cesar Dominguez Perez Tejada.

At the opening ceremony, director of the Universum Science Museum, Maria Emilia Bayer Ruiz, sign to This exhibition marks the beginning of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of this place.

The exhibition presents 400 years from that date.

The exhibition presents 400 years from that date.

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On this journey between scientific illustration and the most famous naturalists of the time, you’ll enjoy some of the picture books that allowed the audience to share the feelings of important discoveries, from Antarctica to the Amazon, from the largest to the microscopic.

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