Suarez is approaching the river and tomorrow is an important day

After River’s victory over Lanos last night, Marcelo Gallardo was clear about the possible arrival of Luis Suarez For the first time, he spoke frankly about chance. “He showed good manners and enthusiasm”, DT said.

During today’s session, Many journalists admitted to passing Uruguay to the millionaire He stated that it will be announced in the next few hours.

The first was Bruno Fine, An Argentine who lives in the United States and works for it DirecTV Sports And for the official broadcast of CONMEBOL.

“It comes to me from the best possible source. It is a reality. Luis Suarez to River. Announcing tomorrow”Fine wrote, and his tweet sparked a lot of anticipation and interaction.

This information was also echoed Spanish newspaper AS. Luis Suarez will be a new River Plate player tomorrowaccording to Direct TV,” they stated on Twitter, in another viral post.

Later, Christian Martin shared the same informationAnother Argentine who lives and works abroad. The expulsion gained repercussions while covering the news of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK for various TV channels. He is also a known fan of River.

“Welcome to the Pistolero River. There are bullets for everyone! Luis Suarez is the new player of Glorioso River Plate »Martin also published taking the permit for granted.

In Millionaire they are cautious but have not hidden their optimism. The journalists covering the club on a daily basis weren’t too harsh and hinted that it wouldn’t be resolved so quickly.

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“For Luis Suarez, we have to wait. Gallardo was very clear. Today he is on vacation and recovering from his knee. At River there is optimism and confidence because the offer tempts the player. “The streak with Velez will be decisive: playing the Copa Libertadores is key to his decision,” said ESPN’s Juan Patricio Balbi.

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