United Kingdom | Truss apologizes for his ‘mistakes’ and reiterates his determination to continue to lead the UK

10/17/2022 at 23:41


“I appointed a new finance minister and restored economic stability and financial discipline,” he asserts.

British Prime Minister Liz TrussHe apologized for his “mistakes” and reiterated his intention to continue to lead the country The Conservative Party until the next election.

“I realize I made mistakes. I’m sorry for those mistakes, but I made up for those mistakes. I have appointed a new Minister of Finance It has restored economic stability and fiscal disciplineTruss told British television that it would be “irresponsible” not to change course.

Truss admitted in the interview that he went “too fast”, despite his insistence on itThe equation is “low taxes, high growth”, although it now has the “priority” of maintaining stability.

“What I can do now is work for the people. They have chosen us for the 2019 election platform and I want to work for it,” the British president added.

As for the criticisms leveled by his party – there are five conservative MPs who demanded his departure – Truss has stated that she is focusing on “working with the British”.

Thus, he called to act in favor of Encouraging economic growth, although he acknowledged that it would take longer than expected. “I’m still on that line, but we’re going to have to make it happen in a different way,” he said.

On Monday, Truss’s new Finance Minister, Jeremy Hunt, announced theEliminate almost all actions announced in the mini-budget Which caused an earthquake in the markets and the decline of the pound sterling.

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