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The British Lord David Wolfson resigned on Wednesday as Foreign Secretary at the Ministry of Justice on the “scope and context” of wrongdoing by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and other members of the government when they held parties at the official Downing Street residence and office while in custody.

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Wolfson, who holds a seat in the House of Lords, posted the message he sent to Johnson on Twitter.who apologized yesterday after being fined by police for breaching anti-virus regulations in 2020, despite his refusal to leave power.

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“I regret that recent revelations have inevitably led to the conclusion that there have been repeated violations of the rules and breaches of law in Downing Street,” says the lawyer, who is the first senior official to leave the executive branch.

“I have come with a sad heart to the conclusion that the scope, context and nature of these violations make them inconsistent with the rule of law to allow such conduct to go unpunished under the Constitution, particularly when so many in society have complied with the standards at great personal cost, and others have been fined or prosecuted for committing Similar or even less serious crimes.

Wolfson stresses that his displeasure is not limited to what happened in Downing Street, There were about two dozen celebrations during the pandemic, or because of the “personal behavior” of the Prime Minister, but above all because of the “official response to what happened”.

Johnson and head of the economics department, Rishi Sunak, who was also fined on Tuesday, ignored calls from the opposition and Covid-19 victims to resign, arguing that they were unaware of the violation of regulations and should now focus on running the country.

The Conservative leader is in a much stronger position than he was when the holiday scandal erupted late last year, thanks to his role in the crisis in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In contrast to that time, he is hardly ever questioned by Conservative Parliamentarians, who are the only ones who can force him to leave the government if he takes office.

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