A bus carrying Cuban immigrants near the US Capitol by order of the Governor of Texas

A bus has arrived from Texas to Washington, DC Wednesday morning with dozens of immigrants Illegal, by order of Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, who thus hopes to counteract federal immigration policies during the current border crisis, reports Fox News.

Abbott announced last week Plan to move immigrants released from federal custody in Texas to the US capital and other locations outside your state.

The bus arrived a few blocks from the United States Capitol Building With Immigrants who entered the country via the Del Rio Strip, in Texas, came from Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

US officials checked the arrival of the immigrants and then allowed them to leave.

According to the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), Abbott’s plan works. The agency told Fox News that many of the communities that originally requested support, from the Rio Grande Valley to Terrell County, say they The federal government has not allowed immigrants into its cities since Abbott announced his intention to send them to the capital.

American politicians called Abbott’s plan a “gimmick.” Even the White House dismissed it as a “publicity stunt”.

In any case, the incident could be a sign of the pressure that the massive transit of migrants from Mexico, including tens of thousands of Cubans, is putting on American border communities.

On the same Thursday, Univision journalist Ricardo Arambarri reported from the Piedras Negras region on the banks of the Rio Grande on Thursday. Dozens of Cubans crossed despite surveillance set up by the Mexican authorities.

“Mexican police just can’t handle it,” The reporter said that while two agents were trying to stop one of the Cubans, a few meters away, another group quickly entered the river.

“The truth is that they don’t have time to talk to me,” the journalist said. We saw over 100 Cubans crossing with women and children in just a few hours. After several weeks of getting here, their faces reflect the fear and pain of overcoming this last obstacle before reaching the United States.”

About 500 meters from this busy transit area The body of an immigrant was found on Thursday.

Until very recently, the Mexican authorities did not interfere with the illegal transit of these people, but As a result of the large number of immigrants who have arrived in the United States in recent months, it appears that they are trying to stop the crossings.

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