United Kingdom, affected by the Catalina Declaration; The press calls for an end to speculation

United Kingdom, affected by the Catalina Declaration; The press calls for an end to speculation

▲ British newspaper covers and displays of affection. The princess's announcement sparked a wave of support and good wishes around the world.AP Photos

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La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, March 24, 2024, p. 9

London. Princess Catherine, who has shocked the entire United Kingdom since mid-January after her mysterious abdominal operation, has now captured more of the country's attention, after she announced on Friday that she is suffering from cancer.

This announcement was on the front pages of the British press on Saturday, which loves Catherine.

Catalina, you are not alone“, writes the tabloid the sun. Another, the daily Mail She attacked the comments on social media. times She clung to the Princess's positive speech in the letter in which she announced that she had cancer, with all hope I will get over this.

Catherine is very popular in the UK, perhaps as popular as Princess Diana was in her day.

Catalina let us know what she had to say in an emotional message. We do not know what type of cancer he suffers from or how long his recovery will take. We don't need to know it. You have the right to privacy like anyone elseThe columnist stated The IndependentSean O'Grady.

Royal biographer Claudia Joseph stated: I wish this speculation would end, but in reality, it's social networks and people tend to go incredibly viral and troll left and right (…) they're speculating and saying real bullshit.

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Catalina explained in her video message that she and Guillermo were determined to protect their privacy and give their children time to understand what was happening.

Within a period of two months, the British royal family discovered that two of its most important members, King Charles III and his daughter-in-law, Princess Catherine, had contracted cancer, the nature of which was not determined in any of them. They have both.

In an unprecedented situation, Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, the king’s brother, announced last January that she was suffering from malignant melanoma, which is a dangerous skin cancer.

Thus, three members of the British royal family developed a type of cancer.

Charles III claimed it was Proud of courage From her daughter-in-law. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, expressed their desire to do so Health and recovery to Catalina and family.

Now, it falls to Queen Camilla and a few others to be the public face of a monarchy that has increased public sympathy but reduced its visibility.

The King's sister, Princess Anne, has attended award ceremonies, receptions and visits as a patron of organizations such as Save the Children. Prince Edward was in Uganda on royal duties involving the 56-nation Commonwealth of Nations and former British colonies.

These commitments help realize the late Queen Elizabeth II's principle that we must do this seeing is believing To the royal family. This is a historic property that thrives on interaction with peoplesaid royal historian Robert Hardman Sky News. It must be visible.

But it has always been difficult to balance visibility and privacy. During the late Queen's 70-year reign, the British media moved from respect for royalty to a thirst for scoops, leading some tabloids to resort to phone hacking and other illegal activities in search of stories.

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A Kensington Palace spokesman, who is responsible for the communications service for the Princes of Wales, said on Friday that Catherine would return to her official duties. Once your medical team gives you the green light.

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