Real Ciencias leaves without a deserved upset in Burgos (25-20)

he Real science falls in front of Recoletas Burgos 25-20 In a meeting in which the scholars learned how to stand up to the leader and keep him on the ropes until the last step.

A very intense match in which both teams sought to win decisively, and to it was added a condition that both teams suffered from and benefited from according to the moment. Strong winds that blew In San Amaro.

After the opening whistle, there was a fortuitous play that contributed to the conditioning of the starting fifteen. Unfortunately they were injured Agustín Gil and Enrique Cuadradoboth first lines must be replaced.

In the early stages, the defenses forcefully stopped the attack. Show both teams High density of communications He sought to control the meeting points and used foot play to take the ball to the opposite court.

In the 12th minute, Thomas Carrillo opened the scoring with a penalty kick. And on the subsequent throw, a deep science kick, a mistake in the reception of the Burgos defense, a loose ball in the goal area that was cleared. Used skillfully by Jaime Camarero For testing. I turned Coco Roldan.

Real Ciencias took over, with excellent defending at times Control the ballIt was played in Burgos Stadium and caused local indiscipline. In the 22nd minute, Fernandez showed the yellow card to Ruben Sanz and Coco Roldan added 3 more points.

With Sevilla outnumbered, in the 27th minute, Thomas Carrillo scored again from 3 goals, reducing the deficit. The scholars stood firm in defence, halting local attempts, and More and more entering the competitive field. In the 31st minute, Jaime Camarero took advantage of a deep penalty kick from the right side for a defensive error by Burgos. Damien Hooper For testing. Coco Roldan's transformation.

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Problems before the break

In the last minutes of the first half, there was some interruption between the ranks of Sevilla, which played at a disadvantage since the 34th minute due to the color yellow. Vicente del Hoyo. The locals pressed, and in the 39th minute they tried through Tani Bey, who scored A quick strike in the 22nd minute surprised Sevilla. with It went 11-17 going into halftime.

In the second half, the local team was expected to take a step forward in an effort to achieve victory and maintain the lead. In the 47th minute, the latest addition was medical joker Nicholas Walker, who performed a test between the sticks. Thomas Carrillo converted.

Real Ciencias responded in the 67th minute with a goal Penalty kick taken by Coco Roldan But committed Errors in final meters Which prevented him from adding more tests. In the 73rd minute, a defensive error caused Niko Rokeres to launch a counterattack on the left wing, a quick escape, and an attempt between the goalposts. Thomas Carrillo converted to make the final score 25-20.

The bittersweet taste of mano sobrino

At the end of the match, Real Ciencias coach said: Mano SobrinoHe said: “It was a very closely contested match, we knew we had to give everything we had to compete against the leaders at home and we did that from minute 1 to minute 80. We were ahead on the scoreboard for a long time, but Victory has escaped us In the last minutes because of their mistakes.

The Sevilla coach added: “We are satisfied with the group’s effort, after playing face to face in San Amaro, but at the same time We are demanding of ourselvesWe know that we are capable of beating any team in this league. Now to prepare for the next home match against Saintboy to reach He clears his throat At our best level.”

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data sheet

25 Recoletas Burgos: Bernardo Vazquez, Agustín Gil, Santingramajo, Facundo Sacovici, Nicholas Walker, Rubén Sanz, Vicente Borronat, Rowan Snyman, Tani Bey, Tomas Carrillo, Gabri Roqueres, Guillo Mateo, Pablo Rascón, Vaco Lopez, Vita Castiglione. Also playing: Tomas Dominguez, Nacho Caenni, Iker Aduriz, Urco Zumita, Florian Mancio, Marcel Servent, Niko Roqueres and Ando Masuyama.

20 real sciences: Rafa Romo, Vicente del Hoyo, Enrique Cuadrado, Manu Moura, Dani Storra, Franco López, Jaime Borrondo, Cuy Hogues, Pedro Kean, Coco Roldan, Damien Hooper, Juan Carrasco, Sergio Molinero, Jaime Camarero and Axel Papa also played: Marcos Muñiz. Nacho Salazar, Lucas Bordigoni, Manolo Bobo, Joaquin Melese, Cesar de Porras and Javi Sosa.

to rule: Fernandez. Recoletas Burgos leads in yellow for Rubén Sanz (22nd) and Facundo Sakovici (80th), Real Ciencias for Vicente del Hoyo (34th).

Accidents: Match corresponding to the third day of the second stage of the Honor Division. A cold, sunny and windy morning in San Amaro.

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