Under-23 men’s soccer team spoils Olympic desire by losing 0-1 to the United States • Simanario University

Costa Rica starts badly ahead of the Olympics in Mexico; The good level of play is not reflected in the score and leaves everything to be resolved against the hosts.

With the start of the men’s soccer tournament before the Olympics, the Costa Rican team staked a large part of its dreams of returning to the Olympics after 2004, after losing 1-0 to the United States.

The national team was nervous and shy at times, especially when it came to going first, although it was applied defensively most of the time. Evidence of this warning was in the first two minutes of Jess Ferreira, who hit the post after exploiting a defensive horror from Fernand Veron.

With the passage of time, the home side rejoiced and on four occasions came close to the US national team frame, especially with Alonso Martinez, Juergen Roman and Bernal Alvaro, but goalkeeper David Ochoa was always there to deny them the goal over and over again, even to stop them from doing so. Finishing with force.

However, the product of counterattacking a corner kick that was not exploited by the national team of actors was allowed Ferrera scored the only goal of commitment in the 34th minute.

Although the national team after the second half intensified the attacks and besieged the North American team, it finally managed to resist thanks to Ochoa and his defensive line, who was very attentive throughout the match to prevent all national attempts to draw. the game.

That way, even if she was struggling, Jason Chris’ men did their job and led their ranking to the semi-finals, which they could seal as of Sunday itself if they beat the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, the Costa Rican national team arrives that day on probation and had to challenge all the opposing groups against the home side, Mexico, in fear of being eliminated in advance.

Player Randall Lyell preferred to focus on the good things done today. “We did not like the result, but as a group we are satisfied with what we did today. I am not looking at it individually, but in a group union, we must now lock ourselves up as a group and focus on the opposite of that against Mexico.”

Meanwhile, national team coach Douglas Sequeira said the goal now is to lift his players who are upset at the loss despite realizing they played well.

USA: David Ochoa, Justin Glad, Mauricio Pineda, Jackson Yoel, Aaron Herrera, Samuel Vines, Djorgi Mihailoviش (Andres Beria, 58), Hassani Dotson (Johnny Cardoso, 82 points), Benjamin Michel (Sebastian Saucedo, 58) Jonathan Lewis (Julian Araujo 82) and Jesus Ferreira (Sebastian Soto, 67). DT: Jason Chris

CRC: Kevin Chamorro, Ian Smith, Aaron Salazar, Fernan Vernon, Jurgen Roman, Louis Diaz, Jefferson Brennes (Gerson Torres, 59), Bernal Alvaro, Randall Lyell (Marvin Luria, 70), Alonso Martinez (Jimmy Marin, 70 ′) And Manfred Ugaldi (Jurguens Montenegro, 59 ′). DT: Douglas Sequeira.

Goals: 1-0 (34) Ferrara, after a pass from Vines. Referees: Said Martinez (Hun), Walter Lopez (Hun), Henry Popero (NCA), Mario Escobar (Georgia). Reproach: Saeed (USA) Alvaro, Diaz, Veron (CRC). Jalisco Stadium, Guadalajara. 3:30 pm.