COP26 President visits sustainable coffee farm in Costa Rica (+ photo) – Prensa Latina

On the second day of his stay in this country, and he is the first to visit the region after his appointment and toured the countries of Asia (Nepal and India) and Africa (Ethiopia and Gabon), Sharma accompanied President Carlos on his tour. Alvarado and Minister of Environment and Energy Andrea Meza.

The Presidential House notes that visitors have observed the coffee production process on the farm, where healthy ecosystems are promoted and the sustainable management of land, water and natural resources is supported.

Likewise, they learned that in past decades more than 50,000 shade trees have been planted at this facility, and natural pathways have been established along streams and water sources, and are a beneficiary of the NAMA Café (NAMAs) program.

Costa Rican authorities have informed – says the Presidential House – Sharma that this farm is a model that is being replicated on other properties in the country in the national decarbonization plan, as part of measures to generate resilience from regions and in line with patriotism. Adjustment Policy.

The President and Miza told COP26 that Costa Rica is implementing 90.7% of the targets by 2022 of the 2018-2050 National Decarbonization Plan.

They noted that developing agricultural and livestock systems, waste projects with local governments, establishing natural urban parks, launching an electric bus pilot program and dozens of other mobility projects are some of the developments.

Before visiting this carbon-neutral coffee farm, Sharma was at the EV Express Charging Center located at the Federal College of Engineers and Architects in Costa Rica, one of 39 vehicles in the country, where the national grid also has 121 semi-fasts.

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The Conference of the Parties is the annual summit celebrating the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the 26th summit will be held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, from 1 to 12 November 2021.

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