UNAM will deliver more than 16 tons of aid to the victims of Oaxaca

UNAM will deliver more than 16 tons of aid to the victims of Oaxaca

• The donation was made after eight days of operation in five collection centers that were installed in various locations Campus from the National University
• Supplies will be delivered to the Santa María Tonameca condenser warehouse, Luis Gutierrez Padilla said.

The set is made in five Campus From the National University it will be transported in a trailer to Santa Maria Tonameca, Oaxaca, where the donation-intensive warehouse is located, Luis Gutierrez Padilla, deputy director of projects for Safe and Sustainable Communities, told the Directorate General of Community Care for this House of Studies.

After thanking the community for the support of the victims, he highlighted the work of the university students responsible for collecting the aid collected in Campus Morelos, Juriquilla, ENES Morelia, FES Iztacala and University City.

“The United Nations Mission in Namibia has responded to this call from the affected population in Oaxaca, and as usual our community has been very participatory,” said Luis Gutierrez. He explained that many of the required items, especially canned and non-perishable food, water and others, will be sent.

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Students, workers and members of the Academy such as Lucia Damian Bernal, of the School of Philosophy and Letters (FFyL), attended the call and commented in this regard: “We have to stand in solidarity with Mexican society in difficult times, and that is when we have to be more united. We have to donate what we have in Good condition, in decent conditions to participate.”

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In the same sense, Claudia Enriqueta Salcines Serrano, who studies BA in Pedagogy at FFyL and is attached to the university kiosks social service, collaborated to receive, index and categorize articles within 8 days of receiving donations.

“Very energetic people came in, including some very dedicated who actually brought their articles full of sections: for girls, boys, women and men, and thus made our work easier,” he commented.


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