How rich is Prince William?

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Prince William turned 40 in 2022, and although it has been proven that he will not be the next King of England (he will be his father), many question the size of his fortune, having spent four decades as an active member of the royal family.

Here is a small summary of the assets owned by the Duke of Cambridge:

1. Your salary

The prince is rumored to earn around $73,000 a year. however. He also receives income from the Duchy of Cornwall, where he is said to have earned $6 million in 2020.

2. Your confidence

When their great-grandmother passed away in 2022, Harry and William inherited a trust they had set up for both brothers. He left them nearly $17 million, most of which Harry took as King William.

On the other hand, on his 25th birthday, William inherited $10 million of his mother’s estate, which was divided between him and Harry.

3. Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy

As one of the UK’s next kings, William will inherit millions of dollars in assets once he takes the throne. According to ForbesThat includes $10 billion in real estate, an art collection, royal pelicans, and an annual government salary of $12.9 million. There is also the Queen’s personal net worth, which is estimated at $500 million. This includes real estate, horse farms, jewelry, and an elegant stamp collection.

As of today, the total wealth of the Duke of Cambridge is believed to be around $40 million.

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