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Online courses have gained great importance today, as they provide students with an excellent alternative to learn or enhance their knowledge and put it into practice in the field they need most. But when it comes to mathematics, it is necessary to have knowledge in almost any field. This is the case with trigonometry and analytical geometry, and the applications of these two sciences can be seen in physics, astronomy, and engineering, and the fields they enrich due to their great importance.

Now these two branches of mathematics also have great importance in our daily life and in society, and we can see this in the construction of houses and from the smallest building to the tallest building. Thanks to trigonometry and analytical geometry, these constructions can be made with amazing precision.

As you can see, trigonometry and analytical geometry are an example of how mathematics is present in everything, from professions to everyday life, because we use measurements all the time, when we want measurements of a plot of land, a house, or the height of something that is not easy to measure. With the necessary knowledge, this will no longer be an obstacle and you can treat it in a simpler way.

All that and more this can offer you Trigonometry and analytical geometry course, which is one of the most complete programs since it is offered by UNAM. A course with a flexible schedule and consisting of 32 hours divided into 10 hours per week, so the completion period is 3 weeks, and you do not need a high level to take it, because it is for beginners and professionals. Reviews make it one of the best online courses.

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Below we show you the agenda and times that each one of them runs.

Trigonometry and analytical geometry course

Unit 1 – Elements of Trigonometry

In this first module, we want you to learn how to solve different measurement problems, such as knowing the surface of a piece of land, measuring the height of an object that is not easy to reach or knowing the slope of a road, among others. All this and more without having to be an advanced engineer or mathematician, thanks to you having a solid foundation of trigonometry.

It consists of 5 videos totaling 24 minutes, in addition, you will have two 15-minute readings, two 190-minute questionnaires, and your own discussion panels totaling 45 minutes, all of this making this unit only take 4 hours to finish.

Unit 2 – Basic Elements of Analytical Geometry

In the second module, you will be able to gain basic knowledge of analytical geometry, and you will also be taught how to correctly use the Cartesian plane to represent points and sectors and the concept of geometric location. In addition, you will be provided with exercises so that you can practice the algebraic and graphical method in the coordinate system.

You will have 6 videos and, like the previous unit, it will take 4 hours of which 36 minutes are for the 6 videos, 5 minutes for reading, 160 minutes for the two questionnaires, 60 minutes for peer review, and 15 minutes for revision. Discussion prompt box.

Unit 3 – The line and its Cartesian equation

In this unit, you will learn the equations of a line in some of its forms, as well as its parameters and geometric properties.

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You will have at your disposal 5 videos, totaling 33 minutes, a 100-minute survey, 5 450-minute peer reviews, and a discussion notification box with a total duration of 10 minutes. This unit is the most comprehensive, giving all of this in 9 hours; Remember, you can do this at your own pace.

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Unit 4 – The parabola and its Cartesian equation

We are facing one of the modules with a very popular topic, which is the parabola, here you will get the equations of the parabola in its basic or regular forms, both with a vertex at the origin and outside it. The thing that stands out a lot is that you will be taught how to apply the ideals to solve real problems.

You will have 5 videos, all 45 minutes long, and in the same way, you will have a survey totaling 120 minutes, 5 peer reviews totaling 300 minutes, and 2 discussion notification boxes totaling 25 minutes. Therefore, this unit lasts for 7 hours.

Unit 5 – Perimeter, ellipse and their Cartesian equations

Finally, in this unit, you will learn the concepts of perimeter and eclipse as geometric locations for specifying properties, applications and problems in an algebraic and graphical way.

This unit includes 5 videos, totaling 57 minutes, a test totaling 120 minutes, 2 reviews totaling 120 minutes, and a discussion prompt box totaling 10 minutes. This course takes a total of 5 hours to complete.

You can register for the course by clicking on here.

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