UNAM and Semarnat promote the “First National Water and Forest Festival”

“Scientists and academic entities in the country can work hand in hand with the federal government, making informed decisions based on scientific facts,” said Manuel Suarez Lastra, director of the Institute of Geography (IGg) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In closing Geopolis 3.0.

He added that through science and the work of researchers, we know that a clean environment is beneficial for humans and what are the problems of not caring for the environment.

In a unique event, Geópolis 3.0, the 111th meeting of UNAM Sciences, Arts and Humanities, handed over its “post office” to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), to make way for the creation of the “First National Festival of Water and Forests” where the university festivals model will be replicated and will reach All states.

And he added, I’m so glad they took the baton and to know that the next festival, which is actually a 32-in-one, will be held to address an important issue such as the environment.

Suárez Lastra noted that the third edition of Geópolis exceeded the scope of previous years. Two years ago, the meeting was in person and gathered 2,500 high school students at the institute. Last year, I switched to the online format and had about 10,000 views over the three days. This year we have 16,000 views.”

He admitted that it was a massive feat. He thanked the academics, students involved in programming videos, presentations and talks, students of geography, applied geography and earth sciences, and the joint university community.

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Angel Cesar Marín Rodriguez, General Coordinator of the Encounters of Sciences, Arts and Humanities, confirmed that these activities are now 15 years old and that thanks to the community they have been able to nurture and mature and now have the wealth of sharing this academy and university program with the federal and state governments, state universities and the environmental sector.” We thank them. Everyone, listen to this call.

We present the Encounters Sculpture, which represents a commitment to holding together the three areas of knowledge, science, technological development and culture, with one goal: to achieve a better planet to live on.

The official pointed out that it was one of the scientists who warned of a pandemic; Scientists have created the vaccines we are using now to alleviate this dangerous situation that society has faced on a global scale. Today we must also turn to see ecosystems, how we treat land, forests and water.

Cesar Rodríguez Ortega, Director General of Planning and Evaluation at SEMARNAT, described it as an honor to receive this message that “is still in good hands. We have to cooperate when it comes to the environment at a national and global level.”

This is how the university worked at the National Water and Forest Festival, which through a series of academic, cultural and recreational activities to be held in the 32 states of the republic, aims to make the population understand the role of nature, that humans are part of ecosystems and that if we do not take collective action in all areas Social life, we will not be able to form a harmonious relationship with the environment that allows us to search for sustainability.

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He added that the environment sector, on the part of the federal government, is very happy to join this initiative through bodies such as the National Forestry Authority and the National Authority for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, and that this is reaching all parts of the country.

This agency is leading this great effort, but behind it is the entire environmental sector, decentralized and decentralized organizations, such as the National Institute for Environment and Climate Change or the Federal Deputy for Environmental Protection, said Hector Eduardo Martinez Rivas, director of inter-institutional relations for the Undersecretary for Planning and Environmental Policy at SEMARNAT.

Festivals do the function of presenting an environmental message and educating citizens about the environment, but also achieving a government that is close to the welfare of the people. “The call is for families on October 22, 23 and 24 to go out to forests, plazas and parks to celebrate. A number of institutions, local, state and municipal governments are joining in.” He explained that there are more than 700 activities already registered in all parties, as part of this great effort in coordination with the United Nations Mission.

Finally, Carmen Yenícia Chavez Carpio, Director of the Forest of San Juan de Aragon, stated that the national festival allows the government, at its three levels, to unite efforts to develop procedures that allow young people to enjoy activities related to science, technology and culture. .

In the case of Mexico City, that forest would be the headquarters and would have a very interesting programme. The public will be able to participate in person or virtually, and other educational institutions such as the National Polytechnic Institute and the Metropolitan Autonomous University will join UNAM, as well as the Gustavo A. Madero Mayor’s Office and Cultural Lighthouses.

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The ceremony was attended by Juan Manuel Herrera Caballero, Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at Autonoma Metropolitana University, Iztapalapa Unit, and Ramon Libes Villa, Director of Institutional Oversight for the Secretariat of Culture in Mexico City.

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