Sony introduces its ‘Perfect PS5’ TVs to play at 8K, 4K HDR, and 120fps

Sony In July 2020, it introduced some perfect TVs to power the next generation console, dubbed “PS5 Ready”. Following the same line, the company announced a new set of televisores Bravia XR “Ideal for PlaySatation5” Intended to play in the best possible conditions and to make the most of the potential of the game console ( VGC). Why change from ‘PS5 ready’ to ‘perfect for PS5’? Sony said in a statement that this is due to Implementation of two new features exclusive to Bravia XR TVs.

The Auto HDR tone set and Auto picture mode Those are the two jobs we’re talking about. The first option means that during the initial setup on the PS5, the console detects the TV and Automatically configure the best HDR settings. The second option allows detecting if the user is playing a game or watching other types of content such as videos or movies, through which the image mode will automatically change to adjust accordingly thus ensuring optimum visual quality. Something small, Once you turn on the console, the TV automatically switches to gaming mode.

Features will be activated with a future update

PS5 received one yesterday A new system update, although the console will not be compatible with the functions we just detailed Until the last arrival at the end of 2021. New Bravia XR TVs Will Be Equipped With HDMI 2.1, Ready To Use Playback at 120fps in native 4K resolution; It also supports 8K resolutions. UK residents who want to own one of these TVs by November 30, 2021 will receive a $100 PS Store Credit.

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