Ukraine and Britain sign a historic agreement to resist the Russian invasion

president of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZelenskyThe British Prime Minister, Rishi SunakA very important security agreement was signed in Kiev, which represents a milestone in European history and enhances bilateral cooperation.

The agreement, which Zelensky described as “unprecedented,” seeks to resist any future Russian aggression and ensure Ukraine's security, and will remain in effect until Ukraine joins the European Union. NATOAccording to European press.

“Today is the day when the history of Europe changed. Ukraine and Britain signed a new, unprecedented security agreement. This is not just a statement. This is a reality that will come true thanks to our cooperation and, in particular, the security guarantees of a prominent world power: Great Britain,” Zelensky declared on social networks. “.

Welcoming the British Prime Minister to his country, the Ukrainian president said that “if this level of guarantees had been achieved after 1991 with Great Britain and other countries, there would simply be no Russian aggression,” focusing on the European Union agreements. Western powers after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

London's support was clear when Sunak stated that the UK would remain with Ukraine as long as necessary. This commitment is consistent with the G7 decision to provide security guarantees to Ukraine, with the UK being the first country to formalize such an agreement.

The bilateral agreement addresses security cooperation, including intelligence sharing, cybersecurity assistance, and medical and military training. In addition, it ensures rapid and sustained support in the event of future Russian aggression. During the joint press conference, Sunak stressed that declining support for Ukraine would only empower opponents such as… Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The British commitment is not limited to the agreement, as the UK government announced new financial aid to Ukraine worth 2.9 billion euros (2.5 billion pounds sterling), the largest amount since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

This package includes a significant commitment to military drones, with the aim of strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities in strategic areas such as long-range missiles, air defense and maritime security.

Sunak confirmed that this support is sought Ensuring Ukraine's victory on the battlefield He stressed the strategic importance of investment. The €200 million increase over previous years reflects the UK's determination to support Ukraine in critical times.

At the end of his speech, Sunak reiterated that Ukraine was not alone and that the British commitment was long-term. He stressed that Ukraine's struggle for freedom inspires the British people and represents an investment in the collective security of free nations. The aid is intended not only to ensure Ukraine's safety, but also to curb Putin's potential aggressive expansions in the future.

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