Pololikashvili believes that the United Kingdom and the United States can join the World Tourism Organization

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, confirmed in an interview with EFE that the former secretaries-general Francesco Frangalelli and Taleb Al-Rifaiwho accused him of “lack of transparency” in front of the organization’s general assembly, did so in a “dirty and ugly way”. Pololikashvili shows the support 85 countries gave him in the assembly, although he does not indicate 25 votes against and 4 abstentions, rather than the usual endorsement by acclamation. In the same interview, he stressed that major tourism powers absent from the World Tourism Organization, such as United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada They can join or return to the organization, and for this they will work “with another approach”.

The interview did not go into the details of the controversy that took place in the days leading up to the General Assembly over the management of Georgians at the head of the United Nations Tourism Agency, and in fact, the interviewer contacted Pololikashvili Head of global tourism.

Nor did it mention the criticisms made by the organization’s ethics officer in his report to the association regarding non-transparent practices and ethical uncertainties in human resource management.

A new approach to keep them coming back

But it indicates the absence in the organization of countries is just as important United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In this regard, EFE asserts that the UNWTO’s top director notes that those countries left the organization during the tenure of the previous two secretaries-general “because they were not satisfied with the projects that were in those stages”, in reference to the former secretaries-general. Talib Al-Rifai (2010-2018) and Francesco Frangialli (1996-2009).

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Now “we will have another approach, until they come back,” Pololikashvili tells the interviewer, “because on issues like education, innovation and digitalisation, the US and UK are leaders and we want them to be with us.”

The Secretary-General states that they work with governments, and states that in addition to the pandemic, in the case of the United States, there has been a change in management

It’s a “long and difficult” process, which he hopes will pay off because US President Joe Biden is an advocate of multilateralism and they also have “very positive signals,” according to EFE.

I support your leadership, forget criticism

Pololikashvili points out in the interview that during his tenure no country left the World Tourism Organization and two joined, Palau In Micronesia (Oceania) and Antigua Barbuda, in the Caribbean, which, despite its small size, survives mainly from tourism.

In the face of criticism of the “lack of transparency” by two of his predecessors, Pololikashvili was strong, says the interviewer: “They did it in a dirty and ugly way”

“I don’t want to look into the past, I look to the future. It’s not interesting what they think and say, but I forget it. What gives me strength is that 85 countries support my work, the work of the organization and my leadership”, referring to the outcome of the General Assembly vote where the Ratify it with approval and 25 against it after Costa Rica requests secret ballot And thus avoids the ratification of the Secretary-General by acclamation.

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