UK will require quarantine for travelers who have passed Covid and have a dose

The UK is not considering a full vaccination of those who beat coronavirus and received a single dose, so they will be required to quarantine for ten days when they arrive in the country.

That’s what the British government set out on Tuesday, after on Monday it ended the “traffic light” system under which it was categorizing countries based on their health status, keeping only the “red list” of countries from which they are. The British can move around (keep quarantine and take tests).

This way, citizens of the rest of the countries that have received the full schedule of vaccine accepted by the UK -Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna or Janssen- will be able to get into the country without the obligation to quarantine, with the obligation to get tested on the second day of your trip and complete the site form.

However, with the exception of Janssen, whose entire regimen consists of a single dose, the British government has made it clear that the obligation to provide a certificate with two vaccinations applies “in all cases, even if the passenger has recently recovered and has natural immunity”.

Therefore, those who recover with a single dose, as with the Spaniards who contracted the disease, must adhere to the “not vaccinated” protocol, which includes a negative test three days before the trip, as well as the second and on the eighth day, fill out the translation document and quarantine for ten days.

Additionally, since last Friday, European travelers can no longer use their DNI number to travel to the UK, but will have to show their passport. Although the country’s exit from the European Union became effective on January 1, a transition period has been set, during which the DNI can still be used, which expired last Thursday.

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