Japan’s new Cabinet approval rises slightly

TOKYO, Oct. 5 (Prinsa Latina) Support for the recently installed government headed by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has risen to 55.7 percent, after hitting just 49 percent on the same day.

Opinion polls indicate that residents have mixed feelings about the new leader, who surprised many by calling a general election on October 31st.

The approval rating for Kishida was lower than the 66.4 percent achieved by the government of his predecessor Yoshihide Suga after it was formed in September 2020.

Opinion polls show that the most popular reason to support the new government – 37.3 per cent – was “because there is no other good candidate”.

The telephone survey of 1,187 people interviewed nationwide was conducted two days after Kishida, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, was elected by both houses of parliament to head the government.

The former foreign minister took office as Japan’s new prime minister on Monday and announced that he would dissolve the House of Representatives on October 14 with the aim of holding elections on the 31st of this month in pursuit of a mandate allowing him to publish the plan of measures against Covid-19 and in favor of economic recovery.

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