UK will hold manufacturers liable for self-driving accidents by Reuters

LONDON, Nov 7 (Reuters) – The British government announced on Tuesday that it will hold manufacturers of self-driving cars, not their owners, legally responsible for accidents, part of a development of self-driving vehicles that has been welcomed by insurers and insurers. Companies in this sector.

King Charles has stated that the government will introduce a draft law on autonomous vehicles (AV, also known by its English abbreviation, AV) in its legislative program for the next legislature, after failing to introduce the promised draft last year.

“My ministers will introduce new legal frameworks to support the safe commercial development of emerging industries, such as autonomous vehicles,” Carlos said in a speech to parliamentarians.

Tara Foley, head of UK and Ireland operations at global insurer AXA (EPA:AXAF), said this would bring “multiple benefits to the UK economy, road safety and green jobs”.

“For insurers, it also provides crucial clarity in determining liability for self-driving,” he added.

Some companies have claimed that the UK could lose investment and that startups will experiment elsewhere unless promised laws to regulate virtual assistant technology are passed before the next general election, scheduled for next year.

Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, which has raised about $260 million from investors, said: “The new preliminary legislation on autonomous vehicles gives us the confidence to continue investing in R&D and growing our talent base here in the UK.” Among them is Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).

According to the government, the draft law will protect users and enhance security in the audiovisual sector.

The government states that “as long as the car drives itself, the company, not the individual, will be responsible for driving it.”

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National regulatory frameworks and establishing legal liability are crucial to achieving public acceptance of self-driving vehicles and for insurers to offer coverage, experts in the autonomous driving sector said.

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(Reporting by Alistair Smout, Nick Carey and William James. Editing by Kate Holton and Barbara Lewis; Editing in Spanish by Tomas Cobos)

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