Sia and her song, which Rihanna rejected, achieved global success

Sia and Rihanna. Image: People

Sia decided to record the rejected song for herself and in a short time it became a hit in many countries.

Yes, the talented and versatile artist, is known worldwide as a singer, songwriter, producer and actress. His greatest songs became icons culture Contemporary pop. She was also long known for her distinctive style, characterized by a long, two-tone wig that she used to hide her face. This gesture was in response to his desire to maintain his identity and be able to carry out everyday activities such as going to the supermarket or just walking quietly.

In addition to his outstanding performance as an artist. Yes She is known for her songwriting ability, even before she started her solo career. Many of the songs he wrote were initially rejected by famous celebrities like Rihanna.

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What song did Sia write that Rihanna rejected?

The song that Yes wrote to Rihanna Which was rejected ‘Cheap thrills’. The song was written by Sia and Diplo, and was originally offered to Rihanna for her 2016 album “Anti”. However, Rihanna rejected the song, and Sia decided to record it herself.

Sia in Cheap Thriller‘. Image: YouTube capture

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‘Cheap thrills’ It was released as the first single from Sia’s album “This Is Acting” in 2016. The song was an instant hit, reaching number one on the charts in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

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