UK to create law for supermarkets to remove products related to illegal deforestation | Ecology | magazine

The UK Government will introduce the legislation To ensure supermarkets remove products linked to illegal deforestation from their shelvessimilar to legislation recently enacted in the European Union.

For companies with a global annual turnover of £50 million (About 63 million dollars) and those who use more than 500 tons of regulated products per year will be prohibited from using them if they come from illegally used land.

The proposed legislation would cover palm oil, cocoa, beef, leather and soybeansAgency details Bloomberg.

Globally, we are losing forests the size of about 30 football fields every minuteEnvironment Minister Steve Barclay said in a statement.

The official added, “That’s why we clean up supply chains. To ensure that big British companies are not responsible for illegal deforestation.

Preserving forests is key to combating climate change and protecting their biodiversity and fauna Danger of extinction.

In the United Kingdom, the so-called Environment Bill has been in the works since 2020, and the main difference from the legislation passed by the European Union this year is that Trade will be prohibited Products grown on all recently deforested land anywhere in the worlddetails European press.

The proposed UK law would focus solely on the illegal destruction of forest land. (Yo)

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