UK teachers and doctors can join rail strike

The UK is bracing for a week of turmoil in rail travel like The biggest railway strike in history. This strike, called by railway workers, highlights the low wages workers face. In this sense, teachers and doctors can also join the strikes. This was stated by the unions representing these professionals, which also today warned of the possibility of a strike next fall.

Teachers: emergency for the profession

The NASUWT Teaching Consortium It asserted that its 300,000 members would go on strike unless the government accepted a salary increase by 12%.

The NASUWT Secretary General Patrick RoachHe stated that Britain faces an “existential emergency for the future of teachers due to the crisis and cuts in wages”. “The government assumed that teachers would stand idly by while leaving our education system on edge, and it didn’t,” Roach added.

NASUWT prepares to hold a 460,000 members voted Unless the wages increase. Voters will include support staff, teachers, and professors. “Last year the problem was workload. This year it was workload and salary,” they emphasized from NASUWT.

The NHS is also threatening a strike

secondly, Harmony of the largest union in the countrypointed out that half a million workers in National Health Service (NHS) They can strike for wages if the strike falls short of expectations. This strike would paralyze many NHS staff, with hiring and operations cancelled.

The Harmony Secretary Christina Maknia, that the government should make a “reasonable salary waiver”. McAnea suggests that the government invest in people and services, and reduce delays for patients.

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guilds Unison, GM. s Autism It stated that local government employees in England, Wales and Northern Ireland must receive a pay increase of at least £2,000. Workers include garbage collectors, mail carriers, attorneys, library staff, teaching assistants, and caregivers. All these professionals are also considering a strike to get a salary increase from the government.

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