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Vargas Llosa: “They voted poorly, let’s see how Petro behaves”

― In Colombia, did they vote well or did they vote poorly? They ask him.

They voted wrongly. Let’s see how it is [Petro] Act ―answers Vargas Llosa, The Great Claim of the Fifteenth Atlantic Forum. Iberian America: Democracy and Freedom, held at the Casa de America in Madrid. If you work within the law, you are welcome. There is legitimacy that has been maintained all these years despite the fact that the fighters are something else. You have to see, you have to wait.

Vargas Llosa & lpar; Arequipa, Peru, 86 years old & rpar; It has become a norm for liberals in both America and Spain. Candidate for Peru’s presidency in 1990, when he lost in the second round to Alberto Fujimori, the author of La fiesta del Chivo was distinguished by his criticism of left-wing American governments. Hence, most likely, he conveys his concern about Petro’s victory, which means that the left will form a government in Colombia for the first time in the history of the American state. A teacher asked by journalists about him, and they remember in their questions defended by the writer last year, during the National Congress of the People’s Party, that “the important thing in elections is not that there is freedom, but vote well.”

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