UK seeks extradition of Kevin Spacey

American actor Kevin Spacey was charged with sexual assault of three men in the UK last Thursday, May 26.

British authorities will seek to formally extradite the actor to face four counts of sexual assault unless Spacey decides to return voluntarily, according to the Guardian.

The CPS had authorized such charges against the 62-year-old actor, in connection with the attacks allegedly committed between March 2005 and April 2013.

Pursuing a formal extradition could take several months, as US Justice Department officials will have to study documents sent from the UK, according to Nick Vamos, the former head of extradition at the Police Services Service.

They must be satisfied that there is a “probable cause” to commit the crimes, and if this is the case, police officers will be directed to locate and arrest Spacey.

“The US Department of Justice will task the guards with finding Mr. Spacey and bringing him to federal court,” Vamos adds.

Kevin Spacey will enjoy more protection if he is officially extradited than if the actor returns to the UK voluntarily.

If the representative returns to the UK, it will not be necessary for him to stay for several months or years, as he can be given permission to return to the US to work, as long as he returns to face trial.

“If he goes back to the UK, he can get a bail package that will allow him to go back to the US,” adds Nick Vamos.

The last time Kevin Spacey appeared on screen was in 2018 with the premiere of Billionaire Boys Club.

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