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List of recordings for Tuesday, May 31, 2022 from Prensa Latina Radio Service (PLRadio), which you can order through and by phone: 7838 3494 7838 3508, Blackboard 7838 3496 to 99 and 7838 3500 to 03, from Havana.

We provide news:

* Today’s news (morning)

* Live from Cuba (morning)

* Panorama of Latin America (morning) * Saeta (morning)

* Facts and events in the United States (evening).

* Daily exercise (morning)

* Scientific overview (evening)

As they appear in the programming from the scene:

* Recommended by the editor: Hezbollah renews its commitment to defending Lebanon. Written by Eudides Masso from Beirut.

* Global Orbit: Popular rejection in Syria of possible military action by Turkey. By Fadi Maarouf.

* SPECIAL FILES: Panamanian workers will continue their protests against the rising cost of living. Written by Mario Garrido from Panama.

Correspondents: Argentine singer, songwriter and playwright expresses solidarity with Cuba. Written by Glenda Arcia in Buenos Aires.

* Exclusive: Scanner: Cuba will put its future on the line. Written by Lemay Padron of Havana.

* Counterpoint: Left vs. Far Right, two pieces to be played in October on the political blackboard in Brazil

Today we also offer the following news programmes:

* In Search of Knowledge: Longer Than May

To live a better life: the orange and its many benefits

Weekly summaries also appear on our website:

* A cultural and scientific overview

*seven days sport

* Weekly Economy

* In three minutes

* Cuba is not alone

Prensa Latina . Radio Service

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