UK rail strike could halt travel to the country

The rail strike threatens to wreak havoc on commuting this summer. The Salaried Workers Union (TSSA) It intends to call for a vote of more than 6000 workers in the company Network Rail (NR). The strike includes several points such as wages, conditions or job security.

Spokesman Transportation Department He said strikes should be a last resort and urged the TSSA to reconsider its decision. but members Consortium of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Thirteen railway operators will start a three-day strike from June 21. RMT and Unite are also trying to organize a one-day strike on the London Underground, on the same day as the first rail strike.

Big travel problem

Train strikes, flight cancellations, and soaring petrol prices frustrated the British’ escape plans. For its part, the TSSA has already announced the call for strikes among its workers at four railway companies: Avanti West CoastAnd the cross countryAnd the East Midlands s West Midlands Trains.

Meanwhile, members of the Asleef Drivers Guild also went on strike from the end of this month in halle trainsAnd the Great Anglia s Croydon Tramlink.

As shown BBC NewsAnd the The vote that the TSSA will call begins on June 20 and ends on July 11. If the vote is affirmative, the strike can take place from July 25.

A summer shrouded in strikes

The TSSA also requires ensuring that there is no forced dismissal during 2022, and that salary increases reflect the increase in the cost of living. According to the union, the last time NR employees received a raise was two or three years ago. On the other hand, they worked during the pandemic as they were considered “key agents”.

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The TSSA Secretary General, Manuel Cortesstated that this summer could mean “discontent” for its customers if Network Rail does not come to its senses and “sit down at the table to address its workers’ concerns.”

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Network Rail said talks regarding a pay increase are “in full swing”.

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