Russia reaffirms its commitment to ensuring food supplies to partner countries – Juventud Rebeldi

MOSCOW, June 15 – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko said this Wednesday that her country is a responsible partner and will find a way to ensure food supply to countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, PL reported.

Speaking to RBK TV channel, the official emphasized that Russia was and still is an agricultural superpower, and noted that its main trading partners in food procurement are Turkey, Kazakhstan and Egypt.

He commented that despite the military operation and external sanctions imposed on this country, the Eurasian state did not stop implementing its contracts with countries not involved in the conflict.

Abramchenko warned that Moscow, however, recorded letters from Washington calling on its buyers to refuse Russian food.

He stressed that despite the anti-Russian measures, there are many countries that do not support this policy and want to continue trade with Russia.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that given the effects of climate change and the risk of a sharp decline in water resources, there is great potential for this country in cooperating with African countries regarding food.

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