UK promises ‘safe haven for people fleeing persecution’ in Afghanistan – Tillam

The British government promised asylum to the most vulnerable Afghan population.

In the next few days the British government will announce a plan for “Resettlement on demandFor the most vulnerable Afghan population after the dramatic Taliban takeover of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

According to a spokesperson for 10 Downing Street, the official seat of the British government, the refugee scheme’s policy is expected to focus primarily on helping women and girls.

In this sense the Minister of Foreign Affairs said, Dominic RabHe, who had to cancel his leave and return to London due to the crisis in Afghanistan, told the BBC that the UK was studying a “tailor-made deal” for Afghan refugees and details would be communicated in time.

Raab told the BBC’s Iftar programme The UK “has always been a country that provides a safe haven to those fleeing persecutionBut he stressed that the most important thing is to try to provide stability so that such a large number of migratory flows does not occur.

“So I think that should be priority number one, but still, asylum is really important,” he stressed.

According to the British station, the new plan will be similar to the one used to help Syrian refugees in 2014, which housed about 20,000 people.

Raab said the UK could also increase humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

“I hope we will increase our aid budget for humanitarian and development purposes, perhaps by 10%, which has been on my mind since last year.”

“We want to try to make sure that it doesn’t go through the Taliban, but to make sure that we can alleviate human suffering,” he added.

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first Minister Boris JohnsonOn the other hand, he spoke with the German chancellor Angela Merkel On the situation in Afghanistan, they agreed that global cooperation is essential, both in the urgent need to evacuate foreigners and Afghan nationals, and in the long-term importance of preventing a humanitarian crisis in the country and the region.

The two leaders decided to use their bilateral and multilateral influence to encourage international partners to take a common approach to future challenges.

The premier stressed the need to agree on common international standards on human rights Any future Taliban government in Afghanistan would be subject to compliance within the international community.

He also confirmed his intention to invite the G7 leaders to a virtual meeting to discuss this matter as soon as possible.

Evacuacin Britnica

Meanwhile, UK Ambassador to Afghanistan, Laurie BristowIn Kabul, trying to drive the British and Afghans working with NATO forces out of the country.

British media reported that despite fears that the fundamentalist group could invade the airport where the last foreign diplomats and staff are now housed, the British ambassador is expected to continue processing visas “for as long as possible”.

The UK is also sending another 200 troops to Kabul to speed up efforts to evacuate British citizens and local allies from Afghanistan.

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These additional forces will bring the total number of troops sent to the Afghan capital to about 900.

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