UK: Polio virus detected in London sewers

health authorities in United kingdom Today, Wednesday, it announced “immediate action” before the detection in various samples of the London sewer of the virus that causes polio, which is considered to have been eradicated in United Kingdom since 2003.

british health security agencyUKHSAin English) detail that samples of several genetically related polioviruses were collected between February and June at the Picton Wastewater Plant, which serves about four million people in the north and east of the city.

The UKHSA He stressed that most of the population received protection during childhood from the disease that can cause spinal cord injuries and paralysis of some muscles.

However, it is estimated that about 14% of Londoners do not have the necessary first three doses of the vaccine.

virus evolution

In the past, isolated cases of the virus have already been detected in wastewater, coming from people who received oral polio vaccine in other countries that can leave traces of a weakened version of the pathogen.

However, the detected virus has now evolved and behaves in a similar way to a conventional organism, in that it can be transmitted to unvaccinated people through the air or through contact with feces.

The health agency believes that the virus could have arrived at the beginning of this year United kingdom Through a person vaccinated abroad, perhaps in AfghanistanAnd the Pakistan also Nigeria. It is possible that this person has infected other individuals close to him.

There are no cases of the disease, but the investigation is urgent

The USAHS stresses that no cases of the disease have been detected to date, but urges all doctors and health professionals to “fully investigate and report any suspected AFP” that cannot be explained by non-infectious causes.

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The centers are also calling for verification that their patients have received polio vaccines, as well as for a “special focus” on immunization for “new immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.”

(With information from EFE)

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