The error makes you lose all progress and content in Fall Guys

We present new and interesting details of one of the most popular games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users, which was recently confirmed. it’s about Fall Guys for Nintendo Switch.

In this case, we were able to figure out that there was a problem that could cause Complete loss of game progress. Specifically, this appears to occur when using an Epic Games account that is not linked to the original profile. There are users who reported losing all their progress when trying to link their original profile to an Epic account. On the Nintendo Switch, they don’t have any content of their own and they couldn’t find it when reviewing their original game on other platforms like PlayStation or PC.

At the moment it is not confirmed whether this bug is being worked on by the development team. You can share in the comments if something similar happened to you.

lost all progress desde FallGuys . game

do not forget it newly These details have been confirmed:

  • It’s available now Free
  • Existing players will receive the Legacy Pack
  • More Collaborations and Season Pass to be announced soon
  • Provides cross gameplay and cross progression on all platforms
  • Works in Portable Switch mode at 720p at 30fps and in TV (docked) mode at 1080p and at 30fps

Dash and dodge your way to victory in the Bunch of Craps. Beginner or professional? Alone or in a group? Fall Guys delivers fun in focused doses and in constant evolution. The only thing more important than winning is to look as silly as possible, so put on your smartest costume because this is about to begin.

what do you think? You can also find our full coverage of the game at this link.

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