UK owes a police officer to neo-nazis

The United Kingdom condemned police officer, Benjamin Hannam, of being a neo-Nazi, in a groundbreaking decision in that state. Hannam, 22, was fired from London Police and will also face prison sentence on April 23, after he was found guilty of association with a neo-Nazi group and possession of far-right materials, including a statement by the Norwegian mass murderer reported by Anders Breivik, author of the attack on a colony of Young Social Democrats in 1995. 2011 in Utoya (Norway), which killed 77 people, this Sunday on the portal

Hannam, a trained Metropolitan Police officer, was tried before the London Court of Old Bailey, which had established ties to National Action, a new Nazi organization that was banned in 2016 after he praised the murder of Britain’s Joe Cox, a Labor MP who was stabbed and shot dead over The hand of a neo-Nazi in 2016.

Richard Smith, a counterterrorism officer at Scotland Yard, explained that Hannam’s first known ties to the national movement date back to early 2016 – half a year before the neo-Nazi group was banned – but confirmed his involvement with the group, and with it. NS131 branch, continued after the ban. However, Hannam lied to the Metropolitan Police by hiding this information in both the application and evaluation process.

Smith warned that “he would not have been able to enter if we had known of his interest in the extreme right and his previous participation in national action.” Investigators discovered Hannam’s relationship with the neo-Nazi group last year 2020 – after a database leaked of members of the Internet forum, associated with the extreme right, the Iron March, in which the convict published under the pseudonym ‘Anglisc’ – and in the same year he was arrested at his home, where investigators found, from Among other materials, a notebook with references to patriotism, a guide on the use of knives and weapons, and Brevik’s statement.

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