UK: Man is tired of buying sneakers and getting tattooed | Photo

A man in the UK is tired of paying for sneakers, So he decided to draw his favorite tattoo on his feet.

This story has made an impact on social networks. Specifically, Dean Gunther, the artist behind the tattoo, He used his Instagram account to advertise a specific order to a customer through a video.

Describing the publication, which already has more than 90 thousand copies, the author of the work wrote: “(The man) was tired of paying for shoes every few months, so he got a tattoo of his favorite shoe for life!”

According to The Mirror, the man confirmed that his client “wanted to create The illusion that a person is wearing shoes even if they are barefoot. It will definitely make you look twice.”

The tattoo could have taken about two hours The designs on the feet and eight more to finally move on to the client’s tattoo.

“Drawing the tattoo on my free hand was the most challenging part. I had to make sure everything was flush with the body’s contour. The model wouldn’t work here, so it’s all manual. Once applied, the tattoo was simple,” he admitted according to the above source.

The operation was recorded in a video posted on Instagram, where it can be seen that the man was finally satisfied with the work done by Dean Gunther.

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