Candidates seek to lure voters to win their votes in Colombia

On Tuesday, Rodolfo Hernandez, the controversial presidential candidate of the Governors Anti-Corruption League, who has been campaigning to attract followers on social networks, had to correct several errors on Twitter due to repeated mistakes.

At the same time, criticism of their demonstrations continued, going beyond vulgar and disrespectful statements towards women, police officers, taxi drivers and even the Catholic religion.

Accusations of corruption and breach of regulations also continued to surface as the candidate repeatedly declared that through the signature collection process and at various stages of his candidacy he used his own resources.

However, because he is accused in the process of possible corruption against the public administration, it is prohibited by law.

On the other hand, the historic charter candidate, Gustavo Petro, addressed all Colombians last night in a speech in which he expressed his gratitude for the support and confidence he placed in his political commitment to change and in his government programme.

With only five days left until the second presidential round, Pietro was upbeat, saying he sees “with hope” that Colombians have woken up as a nation.

He asserted that many years of the system, which they run and which is not fit for the majority, was more than enough.

“I have dedicated my career to this fight for social justice and against inequality and corruption. I did so out of the conviction that we deserve a better present and future for our families, that our country is wonderful, and that we can live here happily and in peace.”

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He stated that he has all the conditions to lead the country and make it go on a calm and serene path of change.

“I have prepared myself to represent you and today I say to you: I am ready to guide the destinies of our nation, and ready to offer all my experience and passion to serve you, as President of Colombia,” said the candidate who won the first place election round with more than eight million votes.

Pietro assured that he would rule for the whole of Colombia, for young people, women, men and old men and women, regardless of ideologies, race, color or creed with absolute respect for the constitution, laws and the separation of powers.

Petro stressed five guarantees given to the country that would be a beacon to it in the event of his election as head of state, “I will rule out of love and not hate.”

He indicated among them that he would not seek re-election and would not reach the presidency in pursuit of personal revenge or for his own benefit; His government will work tirelessly to overcome the economic and social crisis; He will respect the laws and the constitution, and his government will be a direct government against corruption.

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