UK lifts ban on onshore wind energy

british prime minister, Rishi Sunakis about to scrap a ban on building new onshore wind farms to avoid falling out with Conservative MPs.

Ministers are set to introduce changes to planning rules that will allow councils to give the green light to wind energy projects when they have broad public support, the government has said. telegraph.

The representative presented a proposal to lift the ban on offshore wind energy Alok Sharma In July, he has since received support from other Conservatives, such as the former Prime Minister Liz Truss.

The Labor opposition in government also backed the amendment, meaning just six more Conservative MPs would have to support it to topple Sunak’s majority.

according to TelegraphMinisters have been negotiating with MPs for about a week about a settlement agreement to avoid defeat in the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

Negotiations were reportedly due to continue on Monday, but plans have been made for the minister to submit a statement to the House of Commons this week committing to changing current planning rules. Once the rebels in question receive the necessary guarantees, they will withdraw their amendment.

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