UK: How is the royal family coping with Princess Kate's cancer diagnosis?

A source close to the Middleton family revealed that Carole Middleton kept the Welsh family together after Kate was diagnosed with cancer.

The mother-of-three played a vital role, away from the public spotlight, for the Prince and Princess of Wales during one of the most turbulent periods in the royal family in recent times.

A source close to Middleton said The Independent“Carol helped keep the family together and strengthen it by showing a little care and a lot of humility.”

“He drove George, Louis and Charlotte back and forth, took them to their school games and gave them endless support. “She was the perfect carer, always willing and loving.”

Carole Middleton was a supporter of the Windsor family after her daughter's surprise cancer diagnosis, according to sources close to the Middleton family.

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The source described Carole (69 years old), who founded Party Pieces, a company that sells children's party supplies, in 1987, as a gentleman who “came to the rescue, provided peace of mind, and was a great help to Catherine and William.” “I absorbed the news.”

From the point of view The IndependentCarole played the role of a mother by taking her grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, to school. She and her husband Michael stay out of royal politics and offer unrestrained support at all times.

According to the source, “their actions are in stark contrast to those who ‘say’ they are helping from afar.”

Carol was likely one of the first people to know of Kate's diagnosis. For her part, on Friday, the princess published an emotional video clip in which she revealed to the public that she had begun preventive chemotherapy, and the message sparked a large number of responses from all over the world in a show of solidarity.

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Prince Harry reportedly called the royal family from his home in California, and he and his wife, Meghan, offered words of support: “We wish Kate and her family a healthy and speedy recovery, and hope they can move forward.” safely.”

For his part, the king feels “proud” of his “dear” daughter-in-law for her “courage” in talking about her treatment, just one month after the king revealed his diagnosis of the disease.

King Charles' condition was revealed when he was receiving treatment for an enlarged prostate, and despite his condition, he remained in close contact with the Princess.

The Princes of Wales with their children, Princes George, Louis and Princess Charlotte

Both the current head of state and the future queen are receiving treatment for undisclosed forms of cancer, so the royal family faces a period of uncertainty, but the monarchy is expected to support those at the heart of the institution, with Carole as chair. An unwavering source of support.

Kensington Palace in London said on Saturday that the princess was “deeply touched” by the non-stop messages of support that reached her.

Kate is said to have a positive mindset about her recovery and is in good spirits. The princess said she was “healthier and stronger every day” and asked for her family's privacy to be respected during her recovery period.

The tests that the princess underwent in January after undergoing abdominal surgery showed that she had cancer. The princess and her husband decided to break the news just before Easter, when their children would be at home, to protect them from the intense media coverage of their mother's health.

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The princess posted an emotional message via video clip on Friday, in which she revealed to the public that she had undergone preventive chemotherapy.

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The announcement put an end to several weeks of wild speculation and conspiracy theories about the whereabouts and health of the 42-year-old, who had only appeared in public on three occasions since her surgery, one of which was near the hospital. Windsor Castle in March, when the princess was photographed driving with her mother.

Internet rumors about Kate increased after William, in a very short time, missed the memorial service for his godfather, the late King Constantine of Greece, on February 27, due to a personal matter. It is now known that the prince withdrew from the event after receiving news of his wife's positive result.

Speculation began when the princess admitted that she had “edited” the official family photo for Mother's Day, after several international news agencies removed the photo.

Separately, the UK Information Commissioner's Office launched an investigation into alleged attempts to access Kate's private medical records at the London clinic where she underwent surgery.

Carole Middleton with her husband Michael


The duration of Kate's treatment is unknown, but it is likely that she will try to attend some events when her health condition allows and with the approval of her doctors, although this does not mean that she will return to her duties completely.

William will continue to provide support to his wife and family while continuing his official duties, as he has done since his surgery.

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The prince is due to return to public duties when his children return to school after the Easter holidays, but the Welsh prince will not join other royals at the traditional Easter service at Windsor Castle.

Translated by Maria Delia Garcia

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