Between anger and indifference towards Biden and Trump

in pride and prejudicethe most popular novel Jane AustenOrdeals are inherently romantic. If we had to depict the political panorama in the United States today, seven months before the presidential elections, we would have chosen a title for it Anger and apathy. The heroes of Austen's work must overcome the pride and prejudice that divide them. Well, before the election in November, voters will have to overcome the anger or apathy that makes them choose between the two again. Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The latest data bears this out: According to a survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research, seven in 10 Democratic voters expressed “anger” or “discontent” with former President Trump’s final victory; As for Republicans, 56% feel the same about Biden winning again. The numbers indicate that Trump arouses deeper rejection than his opponent, as four out of 10 Americans “fear” his return to the White House. But the New York mogul arouses more enthusiasm in his party than the lack of enthusiasm that Biden arouses in his ranks. According to the results of this poll, more than half of Republicans say they are “enthusiastic” about their candidate, compared to four in 10 Democrats who say they feel the same way about Biden.

Both candidates face different challenges. Trump must work to limit the rejection he arouses among independent voters, whose leanings are considered more moderate, and even among sectors of his party that voted for him in the primaries. Nikki Haley. The former UN ambassador presented herself as a very different choice from the one who said that if she won again, she would give no guarantees that she would “respect the constitution.” At the moment, Haley has not given him her support, and these votes may benefit Biden or a third candidate.

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As for the obstacles that the current president must overcome, the biggest challenge he faces is what is imposed on him by the progressive wing of his party. In 2020, his victory was due in large part to the youth vote. Four years later, they make no secret of their frustration on issues such as immigration policy, climate change and, above all, Washington's position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Although the Biden administration has tightened its policy with the Israeli government in recent weeks, progressive Democrats consider these demands “insufficient” in the midst of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Of course, there is another veteran politician in the party, Bernie SandersHe asked them not to lose sight of what is at stake in November and to support Biden above their differences.

If the majority of Americans agree on one thing, it is that both Trump (77 years old) and Biden (81 years old) are old. Which of the winners will be the longest-serving president in the country's history. Biden's age is a bigger concern and is reflected in the polls. In his usual style, Trump insists on the president's “deterioration,” but he appeared dynamic and combative in a State of the Union address that, far from being counterproductive, led to a boost in his approval ratings and a boost in campaign donations, while his Republican rival struggled with financial problems, exacerbated by… The million dollar expenses he spends on lawyers due to four legal actions he faces. He is more of a salesman than a politician, and Trump is promoting sneakers, which cost about 400 euros, with this slogan in his campaign. never give up Even a Bible worth 60 euros, goods from the sales of which he receives benefits that he needs now.

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Anger and apathy. This seems to be the mood of Americans. Biden and Trump have a few months to ensure that voters go to the polls despite the enormous laziness that each inspires. It will be a battle between aversion to four more years of Trumpism and resistance to more of the same with Biden. Will fear or boredom be stronger? Rereading Jane Austen is always an alternative.

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