UK flight cancellations raise concerns for the Canary Islands

good news for him The tourism sector in the archipelago More than a month after the April closing million international touriststhus driving classification Of the communities that have the largest number of foreign visits. Two years after the outbreak of the epidemic, with its limitations and shortcomings, Canary Islands It appears to be recovering, and even exceeding, the pre-Covid stats in the travel sector.

However, a fresh setback may stand in the way of the long-awaited upward trend. Which is that the chaos that was seen a few days ago at many airports in the United Kingdom caused Total cancellation of the trip by airlines and tour operators. According to British newspapers, the decision to suspend the roads was based on computer problems, air traffic restrictions or work carried out on the runways, among other accidents that caused significant delays on the planned routes.

EasyJet announced earlier this week that about 240 chartered flights from London Gatwick have been cancelled. A number added to the other two hundred already canceled on May 26. Despite the inconvenience caused by the tourists, the low-cost company offered return ticket options, being able to choose between a new itinerary or a refund.

In this regard, a British family reported to the newspaper last Saturday Birmingham Live Your frustrating vacation to Tenerife. An epic journey that began in Manchester Lounge and ended, about 10 hours later, at Gatwick with the worst news: his flight was finally put on hold. Those affected realized that easyJet provided them with “new options,” but the experience, which was not the most pleasant, took them home.

EasyJet plane. / Airbus

TUI, for its part, has also apologized for canceling dozens of flights due to the same operational disruption. The German Tourist Organization noted that “continuous disturbances” at airports such as Manchester forced officials to take the drastic decision. “We do our best to keep customers informed,” TUI said in a statement, which came to provide accommodation for travelers who have experienced the longest delays.

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Another flight to the island was suspended on May 22 while TUI passengers were on the same runway, as reported at the time Norwich Evening News. “Customers were offered an overnight stay while we worked on a new flight plan,” said the tour operator, who arranged for a replacement plane the next day to fly from London.

According to FlightAware data, in the three days of last weekend, more than 4,500 flights were canceled in Europe, of which 2,300 were canceled on Friday, 1,500 on Saturday and the rest on Sunday.

The panorama is starting to worry the Canary Archipelago which, regardless of Brexit, remains one of the favorite destinations for Britons.

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