The bipartisan legacy of Puerto Rico bequeaths the torment of public institutions

The Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) vice president’s approach also arises from the “diabolical” characterization of any coalition attempt between opposition organizations to end the two-party partnership.

For the Social Democratic senator, this investigative spirit of Puerto Rican House of Representatives Speaker Rafael Hernandez demonstrates the fear that the control of the People’s Democratic Party (PPD) and the New Progressive Party (PNP) is coming to an end.

He noted that in the long road taken by the PDP and the PNP, their great contribution to the people of Puerto Rico has been bankruptcy and corruption, which has led to Washington imposing the Financial Supervisory Board and arresting many mayors. and lawmakers in recent months.

Disturbed by the prospect of an end to the bipartisan partnership, Santiago noted, the PPD and the PNP are telling people that they are now on the verge of finding a formula to govern in a clean and efficient way.

“They just need, they’re begging, another chance, another year, four years, twenty times at bat, because from the middle of the last century until now, they’ve explained to us, they haven’t had time to be as good as they wanted,” ironically he wrote In a column in Puerto Rico’s The New Day.

He noted that, between bitterness and despair, they wander about fueling a cult of the status quo, trying to convince people who are tired of being listened to that turning the country for the better is impossible, and that all are equal.

In this way, Senator Santiago indicated that they claim we have no other choice but to die on the brink of corruption and incompetence as a large portion of the PDP and PNP leaders have set up permanent camp.

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Concern grew in both parties after raising the possibility of an electoral alliance, despite the fact that current law is prohibited, between the Palestinian Progressive Party, the Citizens Victory Movement and other political organizations ahead of the 2024 elections.

Santiago noted that, for complex reasons that have been brewing for a long time, it is time to abandon what is rotten and outdated.

“For a long time from the opposition we indicated on time the way forward on the most diverse issues,” he said.

In this sense, he included a call to reformulate the culture of tax incentives and the transition to renewable energies with the Depoliticized Electric Power Authority (AEE) as the protagonist.

He noted, in addition, the adoption of a Puerto Rican educational project that would do away with the anti-educational absurdity of monotheism; Protecting the coasts and farmland, is essential to the economic viability of Puerto Rico.

Santiago, in this sense, highlighted the rebuilding of the public health system, in a way that protects the people and not the insurance companies, which raise funds for this purpose.

The leader of the PIP explained that none of these proposals required supernatural powers, and did not exceed the material capabilities of Puerto Rico, but that ingenuity, knowledge, will and honesty, elements that were widespread in the country, were needed in the various workplaces and struggles.

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