UK: Boris Johnson’s era nearing its end as Conservatives flee government

offered them Wagner But he gave them Offenbach. History’s judgment on Napoleon III also serve A fitting epitaph for Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister sold out the voters Seeing Churchill againbut he only handed, well, First Johnson.

We are in the last days of the Johnson era. Maybe in the last few hours. But it’s over. The resignation of his finance minister and health minister on Tuesday began an unstoppable avalanche. The only unanswered question at the time of writing this article is Exit mechanism.

At first it was all very exciting: a funky gentleman making his way through a seemingly impassable forest to “do Britain’s exit from the European Union“, beats Jeremy Corbyn s Redefining conservative rule [tory]access to working class voters In a way that the party has not managed for a long time Margaret Thatcher.

UK: This is the end of the game for Boris Johnson, but it may not be quick

However, in the end, trivial Johnsonthat it disregard for norms or conventions, dishonesty, their lack of personal morals, their lack of strong political convictions, and their willingness to delegate hard work On his assistants, they left A government adrift.

In the end, His government was like a Ponzi scheme that ran out of investors. Increasingly outlandish promises were made to retain the support of lawmakers; His inner circle was shrinking, and the talent pool in the cabinet had shrunk to an increasingly receptive group of professionals, so it was the Lilliputian who knew most of them that they couldn’t trust anyone else for the promotion. Surprisingly, with the exception of the two resigned people, the party dignitaries outsourced their courage to their subordinates until the outcome became clear. A weak leader was born with a weak government and a weak government.

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If the search for a defining moment is to be desired, it may be acceptance Prime Minister that “in hindsight” it was a mistake to appoint a caucus leader a man he knew had turned drunk. Later. This was the main problem Johnson It seems so Free of moral compass He couldn’t see the error until it was too late.

But such was the organizational nature of their government, the system of courtiers in which the only characteristic was whether you were useful to the king. Pincher helped him win and keep the job. Everything else was someone else’s problem. When the case broke out, aides and ministers were sent to lie to him in the hope that he would get away with it.

Although Pincher was the direct cause of his downfall, the real reason was that his deputies finally realized that nothing would change.. Until now, Johnson He lives on doubts about his successors and the belief that voters are not convinced by the Labor Party. But even loyal MPs in the past have realized that the status quo poses an even greater risk to their chances in the upcoming elections.

Polls say voters rarely get excited about flirty scandals, seeing all politicians with tired eyes. But they are concerned about competition, and this government appears to have no central mission beyond saving the prime minister. A country in dire need of serious leadership A government considered reaching the end of each week a strategic achievement.

The departure of two key ministers has left Boris Johnson’s government on the brink of crisis

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Voters saw that the leader had no direction or determination to make difficult decisionswho looked Believing that money can be spent and not worrying about its source. saw for Public services fight back arrears and the labor shortageAnd the Strike waves and one inflation It is likely to remain higher and last longer than in other similar countries. Above all, They saw a government without an economic plan Persuasive to deal with all this.

Final verdict on Johnson Depends on everyone’s opinion of it. Britain’s exit from the European Union. For supporters, this achievement will carry more weight than other failures. For opponents, this remains the ultimate accusation.

in front of Two global shocksAnd the Johnson can also be attributed Temporary License Policy FeatureThe spread the vaccine so is The position of Ukraine. But in front of all this there is a file undermining institutionsdeception Imprisonment violations that broke the principle that legislators should follow their own laws, the Treaty Violations and the Continuous assault on international law.

The crisis in the UK: which officials have resigned from Boris Johnson so far

Non-conservatives should realize that they might What comes next is not more attractive to them; There is a large faction of legislators in favor of Carbon neutral commitments s Spending cut; Favor Escalation of culture wars and battles Britain’s exit from the European Union. Johnson do not deviate from Climate Change Agenda I do not support returning to austerity. He was even a holding force for the cultural warriors in his government. At the very least, some serious contenders to succeed him could not be relied upon to maintain those streaks.

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But what everyone can hope for is the restoration of the rules. In his resignation letter, Sajid Javed I remember conservatives that’s there Moral and political values ​​must be intertwined. Those who crave more traditional financial conservatism should also appreciate core values, particularly Respect for institutions and the rule of law. In the crazy whirlwind Britain’s exit from the European Union Many have lost sight of those values.

The collapse of values ​​is not independent of inefficiency. The johnson crisis They mainly originated from a Unethical disregard for standards which put political purpose before personal achievement, temporary incumbents before results. This is what the voters understood, and delay their legislators.

His successor may or may not regain the electoral fortunes of conservatives. But his main function will be to rebuild the basic principles of public life, which have been widely broken Johnson.

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