Save me from the train asking UNESCO for help to stop the work

The group #SélvameDelTren delivered a letter to UNESCO asking for its help to stop the construction of Section 5 of the Mayan Train.

Through a message, the group made it clear that Mexico’s natural heritage and humanity are in danger.

Unfortunately, this heritage is in danger of disappearing forever, the creation of Section 5 of the project called the Mayan Train is putting this wonderful natural and cultural heritage of Mexico and humanity at risk by trying to build tracks for trains that will pass over the ruins, “he was told in the message that spread on social networks .

Octavio del Rio, an underwater archaeologist and one of the divers who signed the letter, explained it in an interview with political animal That call before UNESCO came after ENA’s president, Diego Prieto Hernandez, said on June 21 that there were few archaeological remains in the train’s fifth section.

“Actually, this section is where the oldest remains are found, not only in Mexico, but in all of America. There are, for example, the origins of the first settlers of America. They settled there, they loved to live there, and there they survived, And there arose their culture, and later the Mayan culture, stressed the underwater archaeologist.

Del Río noted that this area of ​​Section 5 of the Mayan Train is not only very rich in archaeological terms, but it’s also an area with a lot to explore. For this reason, he said, there is a risk that the train works will bury caves and rocky boulders that may remain uninvestigated, and this could affect the largest underground river system on the planet.

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The expert stressed that in light of the statements of the head of the institute, they decided to issue an “international invitation to draw attention” before UNESCO, “in order to preserve and care for this cultural and archaeological heritage.”

The Mayan Train: Temporary Suspension

The First District Court of Yucatan temporary suspension of the works, so machinery that cut down trees to make way for work in the area from Playa del Carmen to Tulum must be stopped immediately until full protection is resolved.

Following the suspension, the federal government implemented an Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) to demonstrate that the project is viable.

The Ministry of Interior concluded that “serious” risks to protected flora and fauna, “serious” damage to about 500 hectares of forest, and possible damage to karst soils in the area “due to subsidence and landslides” due to “machine operation” had been identified, however, the project was described as Applicable.

With this study, prepared by the National Council on Science and Technology (Conacyt) Environmental Institute, the federal government is seeking to unblock business in this department.

According to data from the federal government, works on Section 5 South of the Maya Train will cost 31.5 billion pesos to cover 67 kilometers from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, in Quintana Roo.

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