UK: 20 and 50 pound notes will stop working – Europe – globally

Do you have British pounds that you intend to use later? check it out Not 20 or 50 bills of exchange, as it will be legal tender until September 30, 2022, This means that it will not become valid as a payment method later on.

The Bank of England announced that people have exactly 100 days from June 23 to actually use the notes or deposit them into their own bank accounts.

This change is due to the fact that as of 2021, This financial entity has changed its paper bills – in its offering of 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds – for polymer versions.

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In fact, the Bank of England announced the first exchange of £5 and the 20 and 50 notes would completely end this shift.

As the Bank of England’s chief teller, Sarah John, told The Guardian, the change was made because new banknotes are “harder to counterfeit and more durable”.

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Based on the information available to the financial institution and according to ‘The Guardian’, most of the bills for these amounts have already been withdrawn from circulation, but “there are still more than 6 billion £20 banknotes and more than 8 billion £50 notes”.

This is despite the fact that for several months the bank has been announcing through its social networks and newspapers that the date when it will stop getting value is approaching.

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