UJED PhD students in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences will undertake international residencies – contact today

Students of the Institutional Doctorate Program in Agricultural Sciences and Forestry (PIDCAF) at the University of Juárez, Durango (UJED) will conduct research residencies in Spain, Germany and Brazil, announced the program coordinator, Pablito Marcelo López Serrano.

Next semester, four students from the fifth semester of the doctoral program will participate in international mobility residencies. Two of them will go to Spain, one to Germany and one to Brazil. He pointed out that these movements are part of the requirements for maintaining the level of excellence of the program, and great efforts have been made to support and facilitate these experiences abroad.

Lopez Serrano highlighted that the program provided support for students to implement these mobility residencies, and the state Science and Technology Council was an important support by providing resources for student mobility. In addition, the challenge of establishing its own support fund, in line with the new policies, was raised.

The initiative to provide international mobility for students aims to have a different vision of creating technology and knowledge in universities and other environments. He stressed that this enriches their experiences and allows them to expand their academic horizon through interaction with other professionals and research environments.

Lopez-Serrano stressed that these residencies fulfill another important aspect, as students need a dissertation co-director from outside the institution. This enhances youth communication with other bodies and encourages cooperation in the academic field at the international level.

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