Germany struggled at times against the United States, but they took it seriously and ended up scoring

Julian Nallgelsman for the first time With the Right foot After what Germany will score to United State On this date of FIFA.

Germany was going through a difficult results crisis with Hansi Flick on the bench, so he had to be replaced by Julian Nagelsmann, who immediately achieved a good result in his first match when he made his debut on the right foot, thrashing the United States. 3- 1.

The Stars and Stripes led on the scoreboard, although in the end they were held back by the power of the German machine.

Christian Pulisic opened the scoring with a wonderful goal, as he took possession of the ball from outside the area and pushed it towards the center to fire a shot with his right foot that slid into the corner, making the score 1-0.

Then Ilkay Gundogan appeared before the end of the first half; In the complementary part, Borussia Dortmund striker Niklas Volkrug scored the goal to lead 2-1, and Musiala closed the score at 61 with a score of 3-1.

Germany achieved its second victory

With the victory over the United States, Germany is linked for him Second winThis is something that has not happened since last year.

Germany had just beaten France 2-1 in a friendly last September, and now they have done so United State.

It should be noted that they have previously lost to Japan, Colombia, Poland, and Belgium, and tied with Ukraine. All these bad results led to the departure of Hansi Flick.

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Upcoming matches for the German national team; He will face Mexico

Within this date FIFA to choose Germany He has one game left, which will be next Tuesday 17 October Before Mexican national team.

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Later in November, they will face Turkey and Austria respectively

It should be noted that Germany is the host country for Euro 2024, and for this reason it is not in the qualifiers for the aforementioned tournament.

That is why they are preparing to face the tournament that they will host on the basis of friendly matches.

Upcoming USA matches

United State He will face the same opponents as the Mexican national team on this date, the first of which is Germany, which lost to them, and then it will face them later Ghana the next Tuesday 17 October.

As for the November FIFA date, the United States has not yet confirmed its competition, so an announcement is expected in the coming weeks.

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