UJED Dean Rubén Solís Ríos has sworn in the new Director of the Institute of Social Sciences – Call Today

  • During the official ceremony, the new director confirmed his commitment to strengthening the philosophy degree.

The dean of the University of Juárez in Durango state, Rubén Solís Ríos, has sworn in Sergio Alan Peña Amaya as the new director of the Institute of Social Sciences, who has committed to promoting the growth of the institution and its staff, as well as promoting a degree in philosophy.

Recognizing Peña Amaya’s potential and determination, the Rector expressed confidence in the direction the institute will take under his tenure. A major point on the new director’s agenda is to promote the degree in philosophy, because it is a very important field of study that can make a significant impact on the academic community and the community of Durango.

For her part, Peña Amaya shared her insight on the importance of working alongside the teaching team at the Institute. He stressed that consolidating the degree in philosophy is a collective task that requires the effort and commitment of everyone. In addition, he expressed his satisfaction with the school’s remarkable growth and the growing interest in this major within the community.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, University President Solis Ríos reaffirmed his support for the International Music Center and the Peña Amaya administration. He stressed the need to continue strengthening the institution and ensuring its continuous development, always in line with the requirements and needs of the educational community and society in general.

This change in direction for ICS-UJED heralds new horizons for the institute and its academic programmes, as well as a renewed commitment to educational excellence and comprehensive training for its students.

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