Barclays Bank has announced the layoffs of more than 400 employees in the United Kingdom

Barclays announced its hiring on Tuesday Which plans to cut more than 400 jobs in the UK to cut costs. The news, announced by Bloomberg last Friday, was finally confirmed this Tuesday by workers’ representatives, who criticized the entity carrying out hundreds of layoffs after earning £3,111 million (€3,608 million) in the first half of the year. An increase of 26% compared to the same period in 2022.

“How could a profitable financial institution like Barclays lay off more than 400 employees in the middle of a crisis? This is not a company fighting for survival; This bank’s profits amount to billions of pounds“Comments the union’s national coordinator, Dominic Hook, who categorically states that he is ‘opposed’ to the cuts because they will affect people on ‘middle salaries’ and not bankers. In this sense, he has asked the bank to negotiate voluntary resignations.”

For Barclays’ part, they committed to cooperating with Unite to negotiate these exits. Speaking to CNBC on Monday, its CEO commented that these cuts are “in line” with those of the financial sector, even though the banking sector has ground to a halt.With more than 15,000 job opportunities in recent monthsGoldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse made the biggest cuts.

This news did not surprise its employees, as Bloomberg News reported last week, citing anonymous sources, that Barclays was considering cutting hundreds of jobs and laying off employees. About 5% of commercial bank employees As part of cost-cutting measures.

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