UJA offers 50 degrees and dual degrees offer in the 2021-2022 academic year

JAÉN. – President of UJA University, Juan Gomez Ortega, In a press conference, holders of degrees and dual degrees 2021-2022 for the university institution, whose offer consists of 39 degrees and 11 double degrees, in addition to 9 international degrees, which provide it with a total of 3002 new places.

Under the slogan “We seek the passion of Margarita Salas or the ingenuity of Tomás Palacios”, in this campaign, “We wanted to shed light not only on training, but also on behavior and values. The university president said that enhancing the talent of our students and helping them build their future is one of our most important responsibilities.” , While ensuring that researchers Margarita Salas and Thomas Palacios are distinguished by their exemplary path of effort, creativity, profession and passion. And talent. Through this campaign, we want future students to get to know them better and serve as a model for inspiration to develop their careers. “

The University President presented the academic and double-degree presentation at a press conference accompanied by the Vice President for Communication and Institutional Projection, Eva Maria Morgado Armentiros; Vice-Rector for Teaching Coordination and Quality, Hikmat Abruel El Hayani; Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Encarnacion Ruiz Ramos; Director of the Communication and Scientific Publishing Secretariat, Africa Libera RodriguezAnd two students are pioneering the campaign Juan Manuel Polido, Certificate in Environmental Sciences, and Irene Rubiales, Degree in Computer Engineering.

Degrees offered cover all branches of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, 5 marks; Science, 3 titles; Health Sciences, 4 titles; Social and Legal Sciences, 16 degrees, 5 of which belong to the sub-branch of education (3 taught at Jaén University and 2 at the SAFA Center), and Engineering and Architecture, 22 degrees distributed among the Faculties of Applied Arts and Engineering majors from Jaén (10 degrees) and Linares (12) Degree).

Regarding the offer of new admission places, 3,002 places will be offered for the 2020-2021 academic year, not counting students from internationalization programs, “which represents an increase of 3% compared to the previous year. This expansion of places responds to the fact that in the 2020 academic year – 2021, nearly 100% of the university places that were made available last year were covered, with an increase in enrollment set to be boosted for the next academic year, ”he noted.

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In this campaign there are two pre-registration stages. Phase 1 or Regular Phase, in which all available places are submitted, the deadline for applications is from June 24 to July 2. And the second phase or the exceptional phase, where only places left vacant after the first phase will be shown, and the deadline for submission will be from 28 to 30 July. This year, for the first time, the Extraordinary Phase of University Entrance and Admission Examinations (PEvAU) will take place in July, instead of September. Therefore, the pre-registration period for September ends.

The university president explained that this offer remains stable with regard to the current 2020-2021 academic year and implies a consolidation of the policy to promote dual and bilingual degrees. “In fact, 11 double degrees will be offered in the next year (also called the Joint Program for Formal Studies, PCEO), as well as a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, with instruction entirely in English. The fourth and final year will be carried out which means its final consolidation.” .

In addition, for the next academic year, commitment to international double degrees continues. Specifically, the University of Jaén already has nine (9) double international degrees in offering, in the branches of civil and mechanical engineering, linguistics, social and legal sciences, in coordination with various universities in France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Likewise, he highlighted some unique aspects of Jian University’s academic offer. On the one hand, the Interuniversity degree in Archeology, taught jointly by the Universities of Granada, Seville and Jaén, which this academic year has renewed its accreditation by the Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (DEVA). On the other hand, he indicated that in the next academic year, new study plans for art history, geography and history certificates will begin. These two new study plans will share 50% of their burden in the credits, thereby opening the possibility in the future to be able to offer a joint study plan, thus strengthening the specialization of Arts and Humanities at Jian University.

At the same time, he added that Jaén University continues to exclusively maintain two degrees in the unique Andalusian region. The BA in Geomatics and Topographic Engineering is the only one in Andalusia that enables the practicing of the regulated profession of Technical Topography Engineer, thus opening the door for students to a career with an increasing job offer in this sector. On the one hand, the degree in Statistics and Business, which is also a unique degree from UJA which is only offered, in addition, at another Spanish university, prepares students to address a business reality specializing in production and marketing, building on a solid foundation in statistics and operations research.

He also wanted to highlight that all Bachelor’s degrees in the various branches of engineering offered by Jaén University are distinguished by the European Network for Accreditation for Engineering Education (ENAEE) and the European Safety Network for Informatics Education (EQANIE), through the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), with quality seals. The prestigious international EUR-ACE (Engineering) and Euro-Inf (Computer Science).

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Integrated formation

UJA President noted the comprehensive training, “We therefore offer a supplementary training program, the FoCo Program, which includes more than a hundred courses and workshops on cross-cutting and specific skills and competencies, which allow our students to complete and extend our excellent specialist training in our degrees.”

Within the FoCo program, the Training Program in Academic Professional Competencies was highlighted at UJA. It is a unique fully supported program by UJA for all undergraduate and postgraduate students, which contains a total of 15 courses in a compact format, with a modular structure allowing recognition in its own degree with a wide choice. Offered annually, this program covers aspects such as oral and written communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence and leadership, resume preparation and employee selection interview, or values ​​such as human rights and social and environmental commitment. The supplementary training offer also includes other programs, such as social responsibility, culture and sport, or the new FoCo-DIgcomp program, in digital skills, as well as language courses, and specific supplementary training activities for degrees.

On the other hand, Jian University is firmly committed to serving students with specific educational needs, covering attention not only for students with special needs due to physical, cognitive or sensory difficulties, but also for students with high abilities, and developing individual sponsorship programs for these groups of students.

He pointed out that Jian University pays special attention to students who suffer financial difficulties, through the urgent social assistance program, so that “no student will be left without being able to obtain a university degree.”

Etisalat campaign

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The general objective of the BA and dual degree holders is to shed light on the quality display, “a dynamic display in a continuous transformation that corresponds to the image of our university in Jian, a modern and dynamic university that combines convergence and globalization at the same time and affirms that it is deeply committed to society and its environment.

This year, the campaign champions were not only UJA students, but also renowned researchers and leaders in their field of knowledge who had a very special relationship with the institution. We refer to Margaret SalasShe passed away in 2019. She was a pioneer in molecular biology in Spain and the first woman honorary doctorate from Jaén University. And Thomas Palacios, Founder and Director of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Graphene Devices and 2D Center, recognized in 2013 as “Natural de Jaén” by UJA, sijo.

Under the slogan “We seek the passion of Margarita Salas or the versatility of Thomas Palacios,” the importance of not only training, but also attitudes and values ​​is highlighted. “Empowering the talents of our students and helping them build their future is one of our most important responsibilities. Therefore, we offer them a close and dynamic training environment, with access to unique and unique supplementary training, with more than 600 active agreements for international mobility in universities around the world, and various leadership programs. And about 2,500 agreements to achieve company practices, and he noted that this makes Jian University one of the best destinations for training and a part of the UJA generation.

Regarding the communication actions that will be implemented within the framework of this campaign, in addition to those based on traditional media (press, radio, outdoor advertising) and online (social networks), we want to highlight the new portal for ‘Studies’ that can be accessed in the new UJA website In which all important information related to academic offer, registration and services provided to students are collected.

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