'UFO hunter' reveals video of alleged 'alien abduction' in UK

A prolific “UFO hunter” has revealed images collected over 20 years dedicated to investigating an alleged alien abduction scene.

In light of recent events The US government admitted to possessing alien-related objectsRussell Kellett, 60, decided to share his findings with the world.

Russell, from North Yorkshire (UK), devoted the last two decades of his life to investigating the area where RAF pilot William Schaffner crashed his plane into the North Sea in September 1970: Filey Beach, near Scarborough, Yorkshire. , United kingdom.

Schaffner was apparently chasing a UFO before it crashed, and although his plane was recovered three months later, his body was never found.

The BBC later described the incident as: The most plausible British alien abduction story ever.

UFO Hunter shares footage of notorious alien activity in the UK

“I've been visiting this place for 20 years and taking pictures of things coming out of the water,” Russell explained. “The pictures show two ships at sea, one next to the other. “They're flying triangles and they're very close to the road, as you can see at the beginning of the video.”

He adds that there is no logical explanation for what it could be: “People have said it could be a plane or a boat, but this close to the road in this place in the middle of the night? It is impossible. “If they were airships, like fighter planes, you would have to hear them, but you can't hear any kind of aircraft.”

Through research, he came to the conclusion that there must be an underwater alien base off the coast of Filey Beach: “There is something penetrating our airspace and not only that: it is approaching our Earth.

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“The flying objects seem to outpace our air force in speed and maneuverability. I think the ships are not showing up on the radars.”

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