UDLAP Graduate Wins PhD Scholarship in US

Ora Figueroa GonzalezHe holds a BA in Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering from the University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP), Fulbright Grant – Garcia Roblesto pursue PhD studies in Molecular Pharmacology at Mayo Clinic, a reputed hospital located in United State.

From July 2022, a UDLAP graduate will be part of the PhD study program at Molecular pharmacology and experimental therapieswhich seeks to identify and develop new treatment options for a variety of diseases.

Regarding this, Ora Figueroa stressed that going to the United States soon would allow her to learn a lot, especially in this hospital, and to continue the lines of research she had developed for a few years: “In my master’s degree, the research focused on pancreatic cancer treatments And it was very interesting because I was also in a hospital and had access to clinical trials and research. Now I will go on to do my PhD in molecular pharmacology but apply to cancer therapies, bringing them closer to nanomedicine.”

The application to the Fulbright scholarship process was very long, according to Mitra. Figueroa took two years to do this, “It is a rather selective process, it ensures that you have a level of English and general knowledge to do a masters or doctorate study. After you are accepted, they support you throughout the process of applying to universities in the US, and they advise you which programs you can apply to them and they make sure that you get full funding for the duration of your studies. Fortunately, I am in the last stage as I have already chosen the university where I will be staying,” he said.

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Aura Figueroa González has extensive experience in studies abroad, doing her masters studies in Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine at University College London, and also did two internships in South Korea, “I was working there for two years start who were responsible for creating new treatments with nanotechnology, specifically for cancer, and there I found out that I wanted to devote myself to this type of treatment.” He admitted that studying abroad “was a great opportunity, I always recommend it because you learn a lot and when you come back to Mexico you can bring many One of the traits you learn along the way.”

Finally, Aura Figueroa González shared that UDLAP’s Bachelor in Nanotechnology and Molecular Engineering is a unique program because it focuses heavily on nanoscience, and has academics who are always committed to teaching their students, “In other countries you have to study physics or chemistry and then specialize in that field. I chose UDLAP because I wanted to specialize in this from the start and I am so grateful that I learned all the necessary grammar that later helped me go into the areas that interest me the most,” she stated.

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